Tenant Tips

As a tenant in a rental property, there are some key do’s and don’ts. Make sure you know your rights and responsibilities to ensure a seamless renting experience. If you are unsure of anything, get in touch with your property manager who will be able to give you advice and sort out any issues you may have.


  • Pay the bond and your rent on time, every time
  • Keep the premises safe and sanitary
  • Dispose of rubbish in the proper manner
  • Be aware of not making excessive noise after hours and be respectful of neighbours
  • Keep the plumbing fixtures as clean as their conditions permits
  • Use electrical and plumbing fixtures properly
  • Comply with housing, health, and safety codes that apply to all tenants
  • Refrain from damaging the premises and keep guests from causing damage
  • Maintain appliances supplied by the landlord in good working order
  • Permit the landlord to enter the dwelling if the request is reasonable and proper notice is given
  • Comply with state or municipal drug laws in connection with the premises and require household members and guests to do likewise.

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